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It helps authorized individuals, micro, small and medium-sized companies to access grants from European funds, totaling 1 billion euros,for working capital and investments.

You can access online the emergency ordinancefor the opening of the 3 financing schemes together with the amendments made to it and the complete lists of the fields of activity of the eligible companies can be found in the annexes of the GEO above.

Good to know

  • For microgrants and working capital grants, the submitted applications, which comply with all the eligibility criteria, will be selected in the order of submission. The first-come-first-served rule is observed
  • If you are already a BT client, we will automatically open your grant sub-account, after receiving the list of applicants from the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment
  • If you are not a BT customer, you can open your current account online here. You also automatically benefit from Internet &Mobile Banking, in order to be able to carry out online transactions. Once you have opened your account and we receive the list of applicants from the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment, we will automatically open your grant sub-account
  • All transactions in and into the special grant account are free of charge

What are the steps



You apply in the portal and choose Banca Transilvania, as the partner bank in this program.


Fill in all the identification data online.


You get approved

The ministry reviews all requests and approves them. The grant contract is then signed.


Transfer the money

After the Ministry transfers the grant money to BT, we transfer it to your account.

Types of program

They are worth 2,000 euros and are granted only once. It is granted on a contractual basis to small and medium-sized enterprises as of December 31, 2019, through the submitted financial statements, they prove that they have no employees.

Benefit from these grants and PFA or NGO with economic activity, which can be found in the list of activities in Annex 1 to the ordinance.

You can find more information in the guide.

It is granted on a contractual basis to SMEs in the fields of restaurants, hotels, cafes, food industry, transport, travel agencies, publishing houses, bookstores, libraries, etc. provided for in Annex no. 2 to the ordinance. They are structured as follows:

  • For SMEs with a turnover in 2019 between 5,000 euros and 13,500 euros, the grant amount is 2,000 euros
  • For SMEs with a turnover in 2019 over 13,501 euros, the grant is 15% of the turnover, without exceeding the amount of 150,000 euros

Beneficiaries must have co-financing of 15% of the grant amount.

You can find more information in the guide.

SmEs in the area of the food industries, manufacture of textile products, manufacture of clothing products, metal construction industries, manufacture of electrical equipment, manufacture of furniture and other activities listed in Annex I may be granted. 3 to the ordinance.

The value is between 50,000 euros and 200,000 euros. Beneficiaries must co-finance with percentages between at least 15% and 30% of the value of the project requested, depending on the geographical region.