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If you have external activity, you can ask for VAT back for expenses for business purposes.

VAT Refund

b We inform you that starting with January 1, 2021, applications for VAT refund related to external expenses for business purposes registered in 2020 in EU Member States can be submitted.

The VAT rate can go up to 27%. Every year, EUR 5 billion remains unclaimed, news that is not encouraging for investment. So, if you're traveling for business for your start-up abroad, make sure you're claiming Value Added Tax (VAT) for a wide range of expenses such as:

  • International fairs and events
  • Hotel/ Restaurant
  • Fuel/ Transport
  • Telecommunications
  • Training sessions
  • Intercompanious expenditure
  • Advertising/ Professional fees
  • Protocol and more


For BT business cardholders, the refund service offered in partnership with Taxback International is a solution that aims to minimize the losses generated by the non-recovery of VAT and the guarantee of international tax compliance. Thus, through this solution, you have the possibility to save money that you can later use for investments in your company.

Advantages of VAT Refund through Banca Transilvania:

  • m Reducing external travel costs
  • m Refunds from 44 states
  • m Securing cash flow
  • m Maximizing the repayment potential
  • m Free evaluation of the refundable amount
  • m Correction of ineligible documents
  • m Online monitoring and reporting
  • m High-performance data analysis
  • m Submission of quarterly applications
  • m Dedicated Account Manager
  • m 24/24 support via Online Chat service
  • m Preferential fees for transactions made with BT VISA and MasterCard cards
  • m Transparent commissioning policy: no upfront fee or zero refund

Good to know

The deadline for submitting reimbursement applications for expenses registered in 2021 in the EU is September 2022. 

To ensure that requests and documentation are processed in a timely manner, we recommend that you register by August 2022

List of countries that reimburse VAT and examples of eligible expenditure

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