Options regarding the processing of personal data for advertising purposes

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We, at BT, believe in lasting relationships and that any good partner, we want to be with you. The protection of your personal data is important to us. Precisely for this reason, we want to make sure that the European regulations (GDPR) are respected. In order to express your options regarding the way and the ways in which we communicate with you for advertising purposes, please go through the information and fill in the form below.

This service is dedicated exclusively to BT customers. Strictly in order to identify you in the BT records, please enter in the fields below the phone number you have declared to the Bank and your personal identification number. If you do not fill in this data, it will be impossible for us to mark your options in the online form dedicated to expressing the marketing consent.

After entering the phone number, you will receive a confirmation code with which you can log in to see the modification of the marketing agreement.

This service is dedicated exclusively to BT customers.
We use your phone number and CNP to verify your identity and quality as a BT customer.