Call Center

0264 308 028 or *8028 The number is available from any national network.
0264 303 003 Hotline for all Romanians who are out of the country, including assistance in English.

Have you tried NeoBT?

The new online banking Banca Transilvania, which will very soon replace the current platform.

From NeoBT, you have online access to your accounts and you can do all the operations you do now from BT24. In addition, you get additional functionality.

All your credits in one place

If you need money for your business, here you can make the online application for credit, electronically sign the credit agreements and see everything in real time. In the same platform.

What does the credit platform help you with?

  • Without any trip to the bank, see what loan fits for your business, sign the loan application and upload the company documents
  • Track the status of your requests in real time
  • Electronically sign credit agreements
  • See the credits in the balance at BT and details about them

How do you apply? Simple

You log in, fill in the information and sign the documents electronically. The electronic signature is free of charge.

What documents you need:

  • Last two annual balance sheets, together with related balance sheets and receipts
  • Last completed quarterly trial balance
  • Tax attestation certificate (not older than 30 days)
I want credit

Or leave us the data and we'll call you.

If you want a loan for your company, or you just want to know how much you would fit in, but you don't have time to go online, leave us the data and we'll call you.

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Raul from BT

Simply from WhatsApp, you manage your business.