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We know that you are an entrepreneur with big plans, but we also know that you think twice before you make investments in your own business or in new businesses. 

That is why, through the Operational Program "SME Initiative" (POIIMM) you can access loans on more advantageous terms.

In partnership with the European Investment Fund, through the Operational Programme "Initiative for SMEs", your business benefits from loans easier to access and in better conditions, so that you are as close as possible to achieving the proposed objectives.

 I want credit

Good to know

  • You get financing at a much more advantageous cost and you benefit from European guarantees: 60% of the loan value
  • You receive credits in both RON and EUR
  • The minimum credit period is 2 years, and the maximum is 12 years
  • The programme has a very high addressability in terms of the areas in which SMEs operate

Conditions of eligibility of the programme

Make sure your business meets the following conditions:

  • is registered and operates in Romania
  • has a turnover of not more than 50 mil. eur/year and less than 250 employees
  • does not operate in areas restricted under this program (primary agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture, production and marketing of illegal products, weapons and ammunition, casinos, betting) or prohibited by the legislation in force at national, European or international level
  • does not have budgetary debts

Minimum conditions for granting

Your company must:

  • m It is not forbidden to issue bank checks
  • m There are no delays in loans in the Credit Risk Central
  • m Does not have active registrations in the Insolvency Bulletin

What documents do you need

  • Last two annual balance sheets together with related balance sheets and receipts
  • Last completed quarterly trial balance
  • Tax attestation certificate
  • Legal-constitutive approval regarding the contracting of the loan
  • Documents for the proposed collateral, if the loan is secured by collateral

How do you get the loan?

Upload the company's paperwork and skip the first step.

Leave us your details and we will contact you.