Apple Pay. Here. Now.

From now on you can make contactless payments through Apple Pay with your BT card.
Pay securely, quickly and easily.

Apple Pay has finally arrived in Romania

and BT customers are among the first to enjoy this experience.

Pay easily with Apple Pay

Apple Pay uses the NFC technology built into your iPhone, so you can pay contactless in stores, simple to do. You still enjoy all the benefits of your card.

Pay safely

Each Apple Pay transaction is validated by Touch ID or Face ID, so you have extra security for all payments made through Apple Pay.

View instant payments

Pay easily with Apple Pay and your BT cards. Each transaction will appear instantly in the app, and you can always see the last 10 payments made through Apple Pay.

Your card, your details

Apple Pay does not store your card data on your phone or with third parties.

How do you add your BT card to Apple Pay?

It's easy to add your BT card to Apple Pay.

Open the 'Wallet' application and select '+', use your phone's camera to scan your BT card
or enter their data manually.
Confirm and ready.

You can use Apple Pay immediately.

Where can I use Apple Pay?

In any store in the country or abroad that accepts contactless payment, in mobile applications that accept Apple Pay or in Safari, on sites that accept Apple Pay.

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Which devices and phones are compatible with Apple Pay?

Well, here's the cool part:

  • Any iPhone with Face ID or Touch ID
  • From the category of iPads we have like this: iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad, iPad mini, the same, with Face ID or Touch ID
  • With the Apple Watch? It can.
  • Poppy? Yes here too. Any model with Touch ID, and models that have 2012 can be used together with an iPhone or Apple Watch compatible with Apple Pay.

Can I transfer money with Apple Pay?

☹ No, that's what you can't do. But guess what? We have a solution namely(drums): BT Pay, it's free and the transfers are fast.

If I pay with my STAR and Apple Pay card, can I still benefit from loyalty points or payment in installments?

That's normal. You also receive loyalty points for full payments, respectively installment payments at star partner stores.
Regarding points, you can always see how many points you have in BT Pay.

Am I charged on apple pay payments?

ZERO COMMISSION! Sorry by the caps.

What are the cards that can be enrolled in Apple Pay?

Absolutely anything that goes through your head: debit, credit, Visa, Mastercard, business, meal card, in fact, everything.

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