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Save while shopping with Round Up

The first time, you have to choose a rounding multiple: 1 leu, 5 lei or 10 lei. After that, for each payment you make with your debit card, the amount paid is rounded up to the multiple you have chosen and is deposited into your Round Up savings account, which also has interest.

Let's see an example, to understand even better: you have chosen the multiple of 1 leu and you buy a coffee for 7.5 lei. The difference of 0.5 lei goes to your Round Up savings account. ☕

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Virtual card for online shopping

The virtual card is almost like any other debit card, but you see it instantly in BT Pay and use it directly from the app. You don't get it physically.

It is a card with a premiere design in Europe, perfect for secure online payments, especially when you want to pay on a site with a certain card.

Let's see here exactly what you can do with the virtual card.

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You have access to your accounts

In BT Pay you have access to all your accounts in the "Accounts" section - you can add them to the app just like your cards.

Once you've added them to the app, you can see your balance, transaction history, including account credits. In addition, you can initiate transfers in lei, transfers between your own accounts, both debit and credit, or set up recurring payments from your current accounts.

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Increase of the credit line, 100% online

You can increase your credit line up to 25,000 lei for Star Forte and BT Flying Blue Classic cards or 50,000 lei for Star Gold and BT Flying Blue Premium cards, depending on the eligibility conditions.

The best part is that you do everything from BT Pay, you don't have to come to the bank anymore. And you use the increased card and credit directly from the app. 😊

Let's see how 

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Overdraft 100% online, directly in BT Pay

BT Pay is the perfect solution for remote banking. From now on, you can get a reserve amount of money of up to 25,000 lei directly from BT Pay. Everything is 100% online, it takes only a few minutes, and the money can be used immediately, with your phone or card.

See here everything you need to know about overdraft.

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Pay utility bills

Easily and quickly pay any utility bill - for telephony, gas, electricity, water, etc. How? Add to BT Pay your online accounts from utility providers and you will see the bills due, the payment history and you will be able to make the payment automatically from your BT card in the app. Or you can choose to scan the utility bill.

And here you can find more answers about the Bill Payment Options.

You make a 100% online shopping card, in just a few minutes, directly in BT Pay

When we say #EasyBanking, it really is. Because BT Pay saves you even when you need extra money - a safety net, so to speak. If you now want to buy something - wherever you are - and you want a shopping card, you can get it in just a few minutes from the app. And yes, you can use it right away, you don't have to go to the bank anymore.


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Confirm payments online, securely and quickly

You will be able to confirm any online payment directly from your phone using your fingerprint or unlocking method of the phone. Thus, any online transaction will be made safely.


Activate the application without roads to the bank

Really, zero contracts and trips to the bank. All you have to do is download the app for free from the App Store, Huawei AppGallery and Google Play. You add your BT cards, even business and non BT cards, and you're ready for #EasyBanking.

How much does it cost you? Access the list of fees and commissions.

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Alias Pay

Define an Alias*, meaning connect your phone number to a BT account to receive money easily from other banks, who do not know your IBAN, but only your phone number and name.
Just as easily you can transfer money to those who have a defined Alias at other banks.

*At the moment the functionality is available only at BT and Cec Bank.
See here the Terms and Conditions of Alias Pay as well as the Information Note.

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Pay with your phone

There's no need to stop conversing with your friends or business partners and close other apps that you use when you want to pay with your phone. It's enough to unlock the phone and bring it closer to the POS, without opening the application. Unlock & Pay - quickly and easily :p and you will not be asked for your PIN code.

You can see all the payment methods in the settings of the application and it's good to know that you have no commission when you pay with your phone.

*You can pay with your phone if you have the NFC function available on your Android. If you are an Apple fan with one click you send your cards from BT Pay to Apple Wallet and you will make payments with your phone as simple as that.

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Open Banking

If you have a non-BT card in the app, you can also check your balance or transactions. It's easy - you connect your online accounts from other banks and you will see exactly how you sit with the money on all your cards.

You will be able to connect your account from ING, BCR and Revolut. Again #EasyBanking

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Do you want to send or request money from a friend?

If your friends have BT Pay, all you have to do is select the person or people in the phone book and fill in the amount you send or request. If not, it's just as simple to transfer money to them through IBAN.

You can also transfer money between your cards easily, in one go. Do you have any questions?

Digital card? Yes, any card is first visible in BT Pay

What is a digital card? It is your newly issued card, which has exactly the same characteristics as the one you will receive physically after a while. Any BT card will first arrive in BT Pay. You will be able to do many operations with it – phone payments, atm money withdrawals or online payments, you have all the data in the App.

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Save with BT Pay. How?

From now on it's easy to watch how you spend your money. You will see in the application, for each card separately, a graph of your expenses, by areas: utilities, supermarket, transport, free time, etc. This will make it easier for you to know where you can save.

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Take control of your cards, digitally & physically

Yes, sometimes you want to know that everything is safe and in your control. From now on, you can change the limit of your online and offline transactions, cash withdrawals from the ATM and the number of transactions that can be made with the card.

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Easily manage your credit card payment obligations

Do you write down in the calendar when you have to pay your monthly obligation? From now on there is no need. You can set the automatic payment of monthly obligations on your credit card, at the due date, or you can pay when you want, until the due date, through the special button 'Top up the card'.
You will decide if you pay the minimum mandatory amount or you will pay the entire amount used at the end of the previous month, so that you do not pay interest.
Besides that the chart will help you see exactly what is the balance and payment obligations.

Everything, in real time. See the history of the transactions made and how much money you have directly on your phone.

Split the Cost / Split the Bill

Did you go out with your friends and realize that you don't have cash? Have you taken a gift and want to share the cost with the rest of your friends? All you have to do is pay by card and request money from the rest of the people, selecting them from the list of contacts in the phone. The amount can be divided equally or different amount may be requested. The people from whom you are requesting money must also use BT Pay.

Transfer between cards

Whether you want to transfer money from your non-BT card to your BT card or between your BT cards, you have the option of "Transfer between cards". It's simple: choose the card you want to send money from, and then the card you want to send.

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Add non-BT card

From now on you can add cards issued by other banks in Romania.

What can you do with them in BT Pay?

  • Instant transfer from these cards to your BT cards
  • You will be able to send instant money to your friends with BT Pay

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Withdraw Cash

You will be able to generate a code, which can be used at any BT ATM, to withdraw a certain amount of money. This functionality helps you in situations when you do not have contactless ATMs and you do not have your card with you, but you really need cash. Because sometimes it's a :)

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Support your favorite NGO and donate

Now it's easier than ever to donate for the causes you're supporting. In BT Pay you have a list of partner NGOs to which you can donate money directly from the debit card, and the transaction is not commissioned. We encourage good deeds!

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You receive offers from STAR partners and promotions on BT products directly on your phone.

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Prizes on the move

Connect your Fitbit, Google Fit or Apple Health account into the app, sync your steps and you can unlock offers from BT and partners. Ambition - powered by BT Pay ☺