Payments on the move with Garmin Pay

What you need to know

Have you gone out for a walk, a run or are you on your way to the gym? Keep it simple. Now you don't need anything else but what you already have with you - your Garmin motion device. By connecting your Visa or Mastercard card from BT to a compatible Garmin device®, you can make contactless purchases on the go at any contactless terminal.

What do I need to use Garmin Pay?

  • A motion device compatible with Garmin Pay
  • A Visa or Mastercard card issued by BT in your name

How do I pay with Garmin Pay?

  • Hold down the button on your Garmin device and enter the security code (it must be entered 1 time every 24 hours)
  • Bring your device closer to the contactless terminal

I have everything I need. What do I do next?

  • Add a card: from your device page in the Garmin Mobile Connect app, select Garmin Pay> Create wallet
  • Set a password
  • Enter your Visa or Mastercard BT card details or scan it using your phone's camera
  • Accepts the Terms and Conditions of Use
  • Activate the payment option through Garmin Pay by calling us at 0264 30 80 28 / *8028 (available from any national network, fixed or mobile)

How much does it cost you

The best news is that it doesn't cost you anything. If you don't have a Visa or Mastercard card from BT yet, you can get it online.