Have you tried NeoBT?

The new online banking Banca Transilvania, which will very soon replace the current platform.

From NeoBT, you have online access to your accounts and you can do all the operations you do now from BT24. In addition, you get additional functionality.

How do I get my STAR Gold card?


Fill in the online form and see if you fit in

We'll call you to tell you more about the card


You come to any BT unit with your ID 


We send you a message when your card arrives in the unit

If your request hasn't been approved, we'll let you know.


You receive the card, activate it and enjoy it

That's it: you can quietly use your shopping card. :)


Download the BT Pay app for free and register your card

You can make payments with your phone, money transfers, see your balance, list of transactions and payment obligations at any time. Plus, you have many other features available in your pocket!

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