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0264 308 028 or *8028 The number is available from any national network.
0264 303 003 Hotline for all Romanians who are out of the country, including assistance in English.

Have you tried NeoBT?

The new online banking Banca Transilvania, which will very soon replace the current platform.

From NeoBT, you have online access to your accounts and you can do all the operations you do now from BT24. In addition, you get additional functionality.

Useful documents

Important changes from 1 August 2017:

  • BT eliminates fees for the most common operations: intra-bank receipts with payment order and electronic intra-bank payments. Based on Art.43 of the CGA-PJ code 3.3.8, starting with 1.08.2017, Banca Transilvania modifies the fees and commissions for the operations of withdrawals, payments and receipts in/from the accounts opened with BT.

The new fees and commissions, as well as details on how to transfer the current packages to the new package + its options can be consulted as follows:

Documents governing the products you have purchased

In order to align with fatca requirements, Banca Transilvania SA registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a participating institution, with the status of Registered Deemed Compliant FFI - Lead of an Expanded Affiliated Group. Find out more information in the document below:

Based on article 62 of the Law no. 207/2015 on the Fiscal Procedure Code, financial institutions have the obligation to provide information on resident taxpayers of the states with which Romania has signed agreements in this regard.

Starting with October 31, 2016, Banca Transilvania will implement the SEPA regulations regarding foreign exchange payments.