Bracelet as a bank card

Accessory from the BT Pay contactless collection

What you need to know

The contactless bracelet is an alternative payment instrument that can replace the card when paying for purchases. It provides access to the current account in RON opened at BT and the possibility to pay contactlessly, regardless of the amount, in the country and abroad.

Some useful information:

  • the commission for issuing and paying to traders is zero
  • bracelets work exactly like a contactless bank card; for payments up to 100 lei it is not necessary to enter the PIN
  • can be issued to BT customers who have a debit card in RON or, as the case may be, together with such a card

How much does it cost you

The BT Pay bracelet comes with a monthly subscription.

You can consult the list of commissions here.

We are currently working on a new design of the BT Pay bracelet.

We will be back as soon as possible with the ways you can take possession of it.