BT Mic granted 100 funding for education, with a positive impact for over 6,000 children

Press release 2021-11-17
BT Mic granted 100 funding for education, with a positive impact for over 6,000 children

Since the launch, in February.c., of the Education Loan, BT Mic - a company of the Banca Transilvania Financial Group - has supported so far 100 private schools and kindergartens, with a positive impact for over 6,000 children. The loan means access, in a few days, to amounts of up to 200,000 lei with European guarantee, for which it can be applied online, on the BT Mic website.

  • For 85% of the clients who took such a loan, BT Mic is the first lender for the respective business.
  • The average amount/financing was 100,000 lei.
  • 90% of the financing went to investments – renovations, extension of spaces, infrastructure and IT platforms, other facilities necessary for the development of the activity.  
  • The 100 funding went to projects across the country.


"We arrived with this financing solution in 100 private schools and kindergartens, within a few months of launch. The fact that these financings have gone almost entirely towards investments shows us how extensive the transformation process of this sector is, during this period. That is why we come up with a personalized approach, both as a product and as a dialogue with these entrepreneurs and we intend to stay close to them, in the long run", says Cristina Sindile, General Manager, BT Mic.

The loan, granted for a period of up to 7 years, is intended for kindergartens and schools, regardless of the form of organization - SRL, association or foundation, with at least 3 months of activity. The financing can be used for online platforms, licenses, applications, trainings for employees, educational events, arrangement and facilities of spaces, various expenses, etc. There is no need for own contribution or material guarantees from BT Mic's clients as it is provided by the European Investment Fund (EIF).

Larger-scale projects, also intended for education, are financed through Banca Transilvania, based on the same guarantee partnership with EIF.

In addition to financing, BT Mic stands by entrepreneurs through entrepreneurship education and acceleration programs, as well as through campaigns and customer promotion on the BT Mic Blog. Some examples are: What plans do you have for your business? , Start Online, And I'm BT Small Customer and Buy from a Small Business.

BT Mic addresses companies with an annual turnover of up to 1 million lei, from all fields of activity, and so far has supported over 16,000 customers from 3,000 localities.