Bank of the Year 2021 is Banca Transilvania

Press release 2021-12-07
Bank of the Year 2021 is Banca Transilvania

Banca Transilvania received the title bank of the year for the course and results of 2021, within the Financial Market Awards Gala, organized on December 7th.

BT was represented by Gabriela Nistor, Deputy General Manager of Retail Banking, who said the following: "I think this award is beyond the figures and the results, it's all the way we've taken. All this extraordinary journey, like a marathon for many years, in which every kilometer the relief and competitors change, and sometimes other competitors warm up on the sidelines, and we managed to go through this whole road, with impressive results. Especially in the last two years - which have been very complicated - extraordinary things have happened, and that's because our runners have always run shoulder to shoulder, and I mean all our colleagues, and without the BT team we would not have been able to have such good results, produced so many, such rapid changes. The clients have seen this, they have appeased and they feel that you are handing us an award from our customers as well, because so many people in this country trust us and felt that we are doing banking with a lot of soul."

Banca Transilvania has strengthened its leadership on the banking market this year and continued to support the economic recovery through a dynamics of financing above the market average. The consolidated net profit of the BT Group, at the end of September this year.c., is of 1,669 million lei, of which 1,474 million lei is of the bank, and about 195 million lei is of subsidiaries and equity participations. The assets of Banca Transilvania Financial Group reached RON 118 billion at the end of the third quarter of this year, up by 9.7% compared to the beginning of the year.

BT granted over 166,000 loans to the population in the first nine months of 2021 and credited over 13,700 companies. The number of BT clients has increased by over 133,000 since the beginning of the year, +4% for individuals and +3% for legal entities.