About gaming and streaming with Alexa

We hope you missed BT Talks, the Transylvania Bank podcast, with our host, Andi Moisescu. 🎧

In this episode, Andi Moisescu talks to Alexa: gamer, streamer and supporter of the anti-bullying movement in Romania. Together we discover what gaming actually means, how it unites people and creates communities, but also how it can be a field from which you can make money.


Some ideas from the podcast:

"My parents are the strongest, they supported me in absolutely everything. My dad has a saying, which he's said to me since I was a kid: "What you do, doing good, it doesn't matter what. You can be a cobbler, you can be a baker, you can be anything, but you can be the best, in any field." They both support me and even watch my streams."

"Gaming helped me develop a patience I didn't think I was capable of and control my reactions."

"Streaming is more than just gaming. Starting from gaming, people start talking in a natural and honest way. The game looks like a backround."

"The best advice for someone who wants to start streaming is not to give up on the things they want to do. Supporting the family is very important."

"There's a very close connection between your passion and your job. When you make a living by doing what you love, you are fulfilled as a person."

"I think that gaming in Romania will evolve more and more. Already there are many organizations that conclude contracts with players. There are a lot of sponsors who are turning to the gaming industry."



01:05 What are your beginnings in gaming?

4:40 p.m. Bullying in gaming

11:15 How did you start streaming?

15:30 What does streaming mean?

21:35 What does the job of a streamer entail?

27:00 How important is it that your job is tied to your passion?

32:00 How do you think gaming will evolve?