Start #SigurantaOnline, a campaign about best practices for the safety of personal information and money

Press Release 2020-10-14
Start #SigurantaOnline, a campaign about best practices for the safety of personal information and money

The Romanian Police, the National Directorate of Cyber Security and the Romanian Association of Banks – of which Banca Transilvania is a part – are launching #SigurantaOnline,a digital education campaign that offers the best cyber security practices, by accessing the sigurantaonline.roplatform.

Romania is in the top of the European countries with the best and fastest internet connections according to the reports on the Digital Economy and Society Index, but with a low level of digital education. Thus, 49% of the houses in Romania are subscribed to very high speed broadband services, Thus Romania being ranked 5th in the EU. However, less than a third of citizens have at least basic digital skills. According to DNSC statistics, 90% of cyber attacks are directed at the average user. These attacks are facilitated by human error, lack of information or inadequate preparation.

The #SigurantaOnline campaign started in the European month of Cyber Security with an online experiment:

  • Through the campaign, several test banners with phishing messages have been posted on different sites to test the ease with which people click on a banner when they are offered a safe win.
  • In 6 days of campaigning, over 6,700 people clicked on a banner that promised them a safe win (55%), winning long-term appliances (38%), safe investments (5%) or a dream vacation (2%).
  • Most of those who clicked are men (60%) aged between 35-54 years.
  • After accessing the test banner, citizens were redirected to the where they were invited to fill out a quiz to deepen more tips on how to protect themselves online.

Starting with October 14th.c., this online quiz can be completed by all those who want to measure their level of cyber education. The data entered must not be real, and the site does not collect personal data.

For each question, clues are received about:

  • how people can recognize fraud attempts;
  • how a person should proceed online defrauded.

The quiz was designed especially for this campaign and offers users both the opportunity to test their resistance to online frauds, as well as to find out useful information for safe surfing the Internet.