Banca Transilvania, awarded for supporting employees in the context of the pandemic

Responsibility & social involvement 2021-04-01
Banca Transilvania, awarded for supporting employees in the context of the pandemic

Banca Transilvania received the Award of Excellence in Human Resources for the Health & Wellbeing #SafePeopleofBT program,within the HR ClubGala, organized on March 31st.

The program was initiated by the bank in March 2020 and continues even today to support, in the context of the pandemic, the almost 10,000 employees of the Banca Transilvania Financial Group, from a social, emotional, professional and financial point of view.

Between February and December 2020, the participation rate in the #SafePeopleofBT was almost 90%, and more than 30 people were involved in the development and implementation of the project: the BT human resources team and external partners (doctors, psychologists and trainers). During the mentioned period, the courses had almost 13,500 unique participants.  

#SafePeopleofBT is the largest initiative dedicated to the BT Group team and includes actions and communication about:

  • Physical health:teleworking, prevention and protection measures, PCR testing, acquisition of oxygen concentrators, weekly communications, video interviews with specialists in the medical and psychology field, work-out sessions with personal trainer, flu vaccination campaign.

  • Emotional health:psychological counseling, cognitive therapy, implementation of the kit to maintain emotional balance, mindfulness sessions, emotional agility webinars.

  • Health of the mind:courses development and adaptation to the new lifestyle and work brought by the pandemic.

  • Financial health: financial education courses, including for the children of employees.

The main challenge of the program was to adapt, in record time, the training methods to the context generated by the pandemic: the development of new programs for the bank's e-learning platform, the training of the internal team of trainers to develop the skills necessary to support the live training sessions, the transition of some programs in online format, as well as the development of a learning content.

More details about what banking has meant so far for BT, in the context of COVID-19, can be found in the BT Sustainability Report.